How long does it take to see results?

In most cases, you’ll start to see  clearer more even, brighter tone skin in just a few days. Within 2 weeks, most users begin to see dramatic improvements in the over all look and health of their skin.


How often can this product be used?

This is a truly healthy product, with restorative care to your skin.  So use as you feel the need. Using this product to spot treat works wonders also. So spot treat and go or full face it, either way your skin will thank you.


How long will the product last?

In general, each bottle is designed for about a full month of daily application. Some have had is last much longer.


Are there side effects from using this product? 

While it's safe for all skin types, some users may experience mild skin irritation. Please remember that all users MUST apply sunscreen every single day to protect and prevent the skin from future damage.


Can men use these products? 

Yes. Men can and do use our products (and love the results)!


Who can benefit from using your product? 

Everyone ages 13 and up.


How do i apply the mask to my face? 

it's very simple to apply!
STEP 1. Remove all makeup then apply a thin coat of the Mask with either a brush or finger tips on to face.
STEP 2. Leave Mask on for 15-30 minutes or until it’s completely dried. 
STEP 3. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry with towel.


How long does it take to set/dry?

It takes 3-5 mins to set, less if you apply a thin layer.