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‘I was your cure, and you were my disease. I thought I was saving you but you were killing me.”

Words to my addict-  

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade.

This philosophy led me to create  MM11.

My Name is Tiffany and this is my MM11 story.

Following  a series of life changing events that involved changing from being a person that was confident, driven and happy to a person that questioned all of those qualities and accepted less than i deserved.


Through the Fire, I came to realize that obstacles had to be overcome, and difficult decisions needed to be made to find the person that I once knew. In the process of finding myself i created something much bigger, that not only saved me but had the potential to help others.


MM11 was inspired by Archangel Michael and Mary whose primary purpose was to protect others, inspire and learn. Mary personifies the qualities that I admire by helping and inspiring others to realize adversity is not the end, you have a choice to be a victim or a survivor.


About Me:

Growing up in Guyana from humble beginnings in a third world country, I harnessed my creativity to forge my own path, a path that lead me to the US. On my journey growing up in Georgetown, my mother set an example on how one should take care of oneself. As a result, one major lesson that i learned from her is how healthy skin is achievable by the simplest ingredients.


While living in the US, i faced my own emotional break, which surfaced physically as a result of a toxic relationship. The more toxic the relationship became, the toxicity began to surface. When i looked in the mirror i did not recognize my reflection, my skin suffered the most. When i did not recognize myself i knew a change needed to be made.


From there, i took to the retail shelves to find products to help me restore my skin to its former glory. But to no avail, the mainstream products that i tried failed and at times made my skin worse. I knew i had to find a solution.


Using the example set forth by my mother, i knew i had to go back to the basics, simple, clean, healthy ingredients that can be found in the earth or my kitchen. I took to my kitchen, leveraging the wisdom and knowledge passed down to me from my mother, to create a skincare solution that would truly work for my skin and MM11 born. 


Thank you for taking the time to read my story, I hope that it would impact you positively.



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